Korean media monitoring & analysis

WiseBrief monitors and analyzes thousands of stories every day from Korean-language newspapers, magazines, news wire, and Web sources, providing English abstracts containing only the key facts customized to your needs.

We solve the problems associated with traditional clipping services and its flaws:

We provide concise, human-edited English summaries of information from Korean media sources that would be difficult and time-consuming for you to obtain on your own and deliver them to you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis with real-time alerts.

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Competitive intelligence research

WiseBrief has primary and secondary research and analysis capabilities and can provide you with answers to specific questions regarding your competition in Korea and their activities domestic and abroad.

Our open source intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis methods have been refined and adapted for the Korean environment based on 20 years of experience. This simply means we know where and how to get the information we need in the most efficient manner possible.

We use data visualization and link analysis techniques to produce actionable intelligence from seemingly disparate pieces of data and information.

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